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Show off your home or property for sale with a virtual tour that your potential clients can see anywhere in the world.  No property is too big or small.

​Virtual Tour Packages​​


Video and Photos: $150 - $250

Moving and still shots taken of the property are turned into a short film set to music and made into live clickable links. You get a branded tour  with company logo, your picture, contact information,  and a description of the property including price and MLS information.  You also get an unbranded tour which simply has the movie of the property playing, set to music with no other information. 


one    two    three    four    five    six


Photos with Slideshow: $125 - $150

​You get the same as above, but using photos and no video.


one   two   three



Photos Only: $75 - $125​

sent to you thru ftp, dropbox, or on a disc.


Slideshow From Your Photos: $50

sent to me via ftp, dropbox, or disc, i turn the photos that you take into a slideshow set to music.


Question's and Answers about the process

What can i do to prepare the home for a virtual tour?
Please have the house and property in "camera ready" condition at set appointment time with all of the lights on,

toilet lids closed, and all of the rooms just the way you like them.

How long does the tour take to shoot?
The size of the house and property, as well as which package you choose, will determine the length of time it takes to shoot the tour. Typically, shoots last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half.


Do I have to be there for the shoot?
You do not have to be there for the duration of the shoot. As long as you or the homeowner can let me in, and you have the rooms staged the way you want them to look, i can do what i need to do and turn off the lights and lock up before leaving.


What is the typical turnaround time to get my tour?
You can usually expect to get the pictures back the day of the shoot or next day,

and slideshow in one to two days after the shoot.

What happens after you shoot the tour?
After the tour has been shot, i come home and upload the photos/video onto my computer and then edit, crop, enhance, etc.. them. I then
make a folder and export both high and low resolution files into it. I then send it to you via dropbox, ftp, disc, or email. If you order the PLATINUM or GOLD PACKAGE, once you get the MLS information for the property, email me a link "to view the listing in MLS" and i can pull the information from it to make the branded tour.


Can you upload the tour to
Yes, i am a Picture Path tour provider with and can upload your tour there for a fee of $30. If you have an "Enhanced Listing Package" with them and already pay a monthly fee, then i will upload the tour for free.

Can you upload to my page?
Yes, all i need is your user name and password and i can upload there.

* Pricing depends on the size  of the home & property​​, as well as the distance from
downtown Greenville, S.C. *

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